17. april 2024


Prognytt is an norwegian news blog about progressive rock. It’s written in norwegian only and focuses mainly on norwegian progressive rock with news, interviews and reviews of albums and gigs.

We DO write about foreign progressive rock too, also reviews of albums, but our priority is norwegian progrock.

We DO receive demos and records from foreign progressive rock bands and artists, but we can’t guarantee that we will review them. That is because Prognytt mainly is edited by just one man, with some freelance reviewers who ocassionally submit content.

Too much music, too less time!

All work with Prognytt is done without any kind of payment. It’s a hobby.

But since the editor also works as a journalist in his daily job, the site will be edited after normal journalistic principles.

We DO publish ads if someone is interested, but only to music related business. It’s not our priority… Send us an email if you are interested. We may not be…

And we NEVER write any kind of sponsored articles.

If you want to submit music for reviewing, we prefer to get them digitally. Our email is post@prognytt.no. You can also use Dropbox.

Our snail mail adress is: Prognytt v/Per-Helge Berg, Øvre Movei 28, N-1450 Nesoddtangen, Norway.

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